[arXiv23] Grasp Multiple Objects with One Hand


The human hand’s complex kinematics allow for simultaneous grasping and manipulation of multiple objects, essential for tasks like object transfer and in-hand manipulation. Despite its importance, robotic multi-object grasping remains underexplored and presents challenges in kinematics, dynamics, and object configurations. This paper introduces MultiGrasp, a two-stage method for multi-object grasping on a tabletop with a multi-finger dexterous hand. It involves (i) generating pre-grasp proposals and (ii) executing the grasp and lifting the objects. Experimental results primarily focus on dual-object grasping and report a 44.13% success rate, showcasing adaptability to unseen object configurations and imprecise grasps. The framework also demonstrates the capability to grasp more than two objects, albeit at a reduced inference speed.

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