Course Info

Course Info

  • Schedule: This course is offered at both summer and fall. Students are encouraged to take in the summer, and the course credit will be given at the end of the fall.
  • Credits: 3


This course provides opportunities to freshmen/sophomore for directed research in state-of-the-art AI frontiers. Before taking this course, the students are required to master basic concepts in cognition and reasoning (CoRe), computer vision (CV), multi-agent system (MAS), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), robotics (RO), and simulation and interaction (SAIL). The faculty and instructors will prepare a crash course on these topics, together with >20 newest research topics.


  • Summer course will be offered in-person (updated on 06.25).
    • Students will join their peers from Tsinghua University and share the same classroom at BIGAI.
    • Summer course will start with a full day orientation of all projects, followed by research projects led by various groups at BIGAI and PKU.
  • Fall course will be offered as independent research at various labs at PKU.
    • The application will be approved case-by-case, depending on the research nature, etc.
    • No lectures will be provided. Thus, students are highly encouraged to take the summer course.