02. Image Formation

Primitives and transformations

  • 2D Points, 2D lines, cross product, 2D line arithmetic, 2D conics
  • 3D Points, 3D planes, 3D lines, 3D quadrics
  • 2D transformations, 3D transformations
  • Direct linear transform for homography estimation

Geometric image formation

  • Origins of pinhole camera
  • Projection models
  • Orthographic projection
  • Perspective Projection
  • Chaining transformation & full rank representation
  • Lens distortion

Photometric image formation

  • Rendering equation
  • Diffuse and specular reflection, shading
  • Camera lens, optics, DOF
  • Chromatic aberration, vignetting

Image sensing pipeline

  • Shutter, sensor
  • Color filter arrays
  • Color spaces
  • Gamma compression, image compression