Abstract Reasoning/Utility


Reading list

survey/review/perspective paper book Encyclopedia

Required - Abstract Reasoning

Required - Utility

Optional - Abstract Reasoning

Optional - Abstract Reasoning: Raven’s Progressive Matrices (Spatial-Temporal)

Optional - Abstract Reasoning: Blicket Detection (Causal)

Optional - Abstract Reasoning: Number Sense

Optional - Abstract Reasoning: Neuro-symbolic Reasoning

Optional - Abstract Reasoning: Differential Optimization

Optional - Utility: Theories and Observational Studies

Optional - Utility: Computational Models


  1. Discuss in your opinion what is reasoning, how humans perform the task of reasoning in daily life, what is an ideal task for evaluating the general reasoning capability and, if it is abstract, how different aspects of it are reflected in real world and the potential computational model.
  2. Utility function plays an important role in human decision-making. However, those utility functions are internal to humans, lack a meaningful unit of measure, and are different across individuals. As a result, it remains difficult to estimate human utility of different tasks with a general computational framework. Given what you have learned from the reading list, discuss possible ways to learn and represent human utility and their advantages / disadvantages in data collection, generalization, and efficiency.