[22530005/04804023] Cognitive Reasoning

[22530005/04804023] Cognitive Reasoning, 认知与推理

  • Graduate-level Cross-listed at PKU and THU, primarily for the following students:
    • Offered by Institute for AI (listed as 22530005, Cognitive Reasoning, 认知与推理)
      • Junior or senior Tong class students, Yuanpei College, PKU
      • Junior or senior Tong class students, Department of Automation, THU (cross-listed)
    • Offered by School of Intelligence Science and Technology (listed as 04804023, Cognitive Models for Visual Commonsense, 物理与社会常识建模)
      • First-year graduate students, School of Intelligence Science and Technology and Institute of AI, PKU
      • Selective first-year Ph.D. students, THU (cross-listed, approved case by case)
  • Description: Understand the fundamental concepts of commonsense reasoning, being able to know and solve some challenging problems of computer vision-based problems on common sense reasoning. It provides an in-depth introduction to the knowledge related to visual commonsense reasoning with a focus on both theories and computational methods. In particular, it introduces the “dark matter” of AI by studying the physical and social commonsense, invisible in terms of pixels but nevertheless drive the creation, maintenance, and development of visual scenes.
  • Location: Main Campus
  • Lecture: Monday 15:10-18:00 @ 二教211. 3 hours per week; 11 lectures, 3 paper presentations, and 2 project presentations
  • Credits: 3

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